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May 20, 2011

Wedding Style Guide Downloads

I cannot stop looking at all of these beautiful, and FREE, downloads from this australian wedding magazine (of which I would to subscribe, however it is many pennies already and with international shipping I’m not sure if I can justify nearly 20 quid per issue…!!) Have a peek, it’s just awesome :

April 20, 2011

Photography: Joanna Millington 

Please, please check her blog out, it’s just fabulous. If I am correct she has recently started doing wedding photography, however, I was more drawn to her other photography to be honest. The photos she took of the Prim shop and staff on Benedicts Street, Norwich are just gorgeous – they have an authenticity and grit that is rare in commercial photography – she seems to be able to capture the soul of the place. I think my favourite photograph is the one of the boots in a line, its so simple but the colours of the leathers and the wooden floor are delicious and create a warmth when all nestled together. Just great. Please use link above and check this magic out.