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May 20, 2011

Wedding Style Guide Downloads

I cannot stop looking at all of these beautiful, and FREE, downloads from this australian wedding magazine (of which I would to subscribe, however it is many pennies already and with international shipping I’m not sure if I can justify nearly 20 quid per issue…!!) Have a peek, it’s just awesome :

May 20, 2011

Resin Cabochons: Roses

I’m not sure exactly what I could do with these with regards to the wedding but they are just so awesome and in such good colours that I want them to be involved somewhere – I’m sure Etta will be able to work her magic and make some earrings or something for the bridesmaids…

Resin Cabochons - 100pcs - 20mm Vintage Rose Flower Cabochons - Mix and Match Your Choice of Colorful Resin Flowers

May 12, 2011

Peace, love and happiness.

handcrafted and recycled silver jewellery.  Each pendant is created in Cambridge using recycled, ethically sourced raw materials and traditional tools

Peace, love and happiness…

Is what we’ve got.



May 12, 2011


Oh how I adore their creations…

the glastonbury green fields.  Handmade and recycled earrings made from antique spoons.  Original and contemporary.

May 12, 2011


For my lovely bridesmaids?

p.s Ellen I will find you a gold one…


Bird headband swallow silver

May 12, 2011


Yes please! [] What do you guys think? Those who have seen the dress I like, this would fit perfectly non?

Brass flower white jewel vintage style bridal headband

May 12, 2011


This is the first dress I have found for the bridesmaids – not just for the shape and style of the dress (the back is gorgeous) but the colour and print are more what drew me to this. I don’t know whether it will suit everyone but it’s a good place to start – and I think this blue is the kind of blue I want to carry through the ceremony. And it’s only £35 quid which is an absolute bargain. []

April 20, 2011

Karin Andreasson Jewellery

Firstly, this is one of the most beautiful websites I have ever had the pleasure of gracing both my mouse and eyes over: Not only is the jewellrey exquisite, but the website layout and design is an absolute joy to explore.

There was not a huge amount that I could see myself wearing but I did fall in love with this understated white ‘rope’ bracelet – the contrast between the smooth, shine of the stone with the textured rope works as it could blend in with any outfit whilst still retaining its own individuality: