All we know:

Cottage cheese. Crusty Farmhouse loafs. Chutney. Cheese. Douwe Egberts. Diablo. Eggs: pouched or scrambled. Cats. Photographs. Neil Young. The Beatles. Converse. Doctors Martens. Meeting in the middle. Fields at sunset. Mumma P. Papa C. The girls. Lazy Sundays. Festivals. Rome. Belgium. Swaffham. Norwich. Fruit Mentos. CSI. Match of the day. Sam: Colchester. Jo: Crystal Palace. Richard Whitehorn. Lucy Roome. Friends. Family. Nanna. Kitty. Scrabble. Vinyl. Nina Simone. Etta James. Miles Davis. Trumpets. Guitars. Strumming. Chocolate Raisins. Marmite (Jo: Love, Sam: Hate). Don’t forget the lyrics. The Bicycle Shop. Cuddles. Mumma’s house. BBCSixMusic.


One Comment to “All we know:”

  1. i’m very happy for all of this and im very happy for the both of you x

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