This is the first dress I have found for the bridesmaids – not just for the shape and style of the dress (the back is gorgeous) but the colour and print are more what drew me to this. I don’t know whether it will suit everyone but it’s a good place to start – and I think this blue is the kind of blue I want to carry through the ceremony. And it’s only £35 quid which is an absolute bargain. []


6 Comments to “Blue”

  1. I saw this in the shop, was I with you? You’re right, absolutely gorgeous, AND RED SHOES. Yes please…although would the neckline suit me? Unsure! I do have things like this though. This is just ramblings now, haha…

  2. Red shoes would be perfect! Yes. I think it would suit you yes, you suit pretty much everything. And yes we did see this in real life. However, you have recently acquired a beautiful 50s dress which I think you should wear…it’s perfect and too beautiful not to have at the wedding!!! Kisses.

  3. Nice!!! The back is fab.
    If you’re thinking 50s look at Vivien of Holloway… will be wearing the black with White polka dots when we get married!!!! Her designs are gorgeous though. X

  4. Her dresses are gorgeous, I have looked at her site before. I want all of them. Ellen’s nan has given her the most beautiful dress from the 50s, it’s just so lovely…I think I may draw my inspiration from there. But polka dots are always a win in my books 🙂

  5. Yes, if the dress is cleaned and altered successfully then I will defo be sporting it to the wedding! Might meed to hire one of those puffy skirts to go underneath it though.

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